Sick Sick Sick – the number of the beast

Quick! Let’s play Iron Maiden in the background while reading this news.

Oh, man! If I bore the “mark of the beast” on my hand, I should probably take a picture of it first, don’t you think? And then, sell a few copies on eBay. That is, before I start getting consumed with righteous indignation, by cutting it off with a circular saw and popping it in the microwave!

Evil Cooker model 666

Uhh! What a waste!

4 thoughts on “Sick Sick Sick – the number of the beast

  1. Haha. Whoa. That’s pretty intense.

    I like that the police arrived and he was calm, even though he was minus one limb and had just cooked it into submission 😛

    Maybe he was going to eat it later?

    Eat it? Oh boy, it’s gonna taste… evilicious!

  2. you are very funny… I thought it was all in your mind til I read the news. Love the graphic. Evil cooker. LOL. But now that I think if it, poor sick guy…

    Laughter, my friend. It slows down the wrinkling process. 🙂

  3. I don’t mean to insult anyone, but this is something that I could see coming out of the ICOC… seriously…

    Ya know… :mrgreen:

  4. That is unbelievable. I can’t believe he cooked it after he cut it off. The stench would have been overwhelming. Can you imagine being one of the paramedics attending the scene? You wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Gives a whole knew meaning to the term ‘finger food.’ (sorry, I couldn’t help it….)

    Oh, the fingers! Yikes! Like a scene from a slasher movie. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the director’s CUT!!! 🙂

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