Where am I?

You know, that feeling of coming back to work after a long vacation? It’s dreadful. But coming back to work after being sick for a whole week? Not funny, ya’ll!

I woke up this morning finally having enough energy to act somewhat normal again. Yes, I’m almost there, but not quite fully yet. The cold is hanging tough. Like the Terminator.

Seven days of agony. Seven days of pills and syrups. Seven days of chicken freakin’ SOUP! Alright already! I want pizza, dangwangit! I’m so glad I can, at least, watch TV now, without my eyes feeling like they’re going to pop out in pain.

But to walk back into normal life today, after being out in what seems to be purgatory for an entire week, is making me feel like a zombie trying to find its way around. Like an abducted alien thrown out of a slimy spaceship naked, and down into the woods.

I’m sorry, I still don’t have much to say at this time. I’m still trying to get myself together as I make sense of the day. Right now, I’ve got a desk piled up with work that’s overdue yesterday. There’s about a hundred items on my inbox. A couple dozen unanswered phone calls. That’s right. It’s gonna be an interesting week, to say the least.

Oh yeah, my RSS reader says I’ve got 273 unread items.

2 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. So glad you’re feeling better although you’re bound to feel shaky for a few days. Take it as easy as you can.

    You’re so right, Selma. I’ve been a bit shaky the past couple of days. Although, I’m getting better and better every passing minute. Slowly but surely. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

  2. Get better soon. There is a lot of viral crud going around right now. (We lament here in Minnesota that the wild temperature swings make us ill. 40 degrees and pleasant one day and 15-below the next! Give us a break!)

    Thanks! I tried to dodge it but no luck, apparently. At least we don’t get extreme temperature swings here in Wyoming. I love the cold and I don’t mind it staying that way all the time.

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