Winter blues

Sometimes, my mind is blank. But when I get sick, it really is blank. So, here’s a blank post for today, I suppose.

blah!Well yeah, it finally caught up with me. It’s only been in the single digits today, and I woke up this morning all stuffy and with a nasty sore throat. I tried to shake it off by resting in bed all day, but to no avail. I guess, I’ll just try to drink more liquid and vitamin C and see how I am tomorrow.

It’s no flu, by the way, but I still hate being useless for whatever reason!

I’m back to bed.

8 thoughts on “Winter blues

  1. Hope you get better stranger.

    I had terrible sore throats when a little kid. Through adulthood, still bad ones, until 15-20 years ago when I started taking Ester-C. It seems to be a kind on vitamin C calcium based and stays in your system much better than regular old C.

    Ever since I started with that C my sore throats are much less intense and get gone faster.

    Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

  2. Hope you feel better. This is the time of year when I appreciate living in south Texas. We still get the lousy colds, but we can lie in the sun until we feel better.

    Good for you. I do enjoy the cold weather, though. But there’s always a downside to everything.

  3. Hot lemon drink with freshly grated ginger will work wonders for your sore throat. It also stops you from feeling queasy which sometimes happens with a virus. Take care.

    Thanks, Selma. I did have hot lemon. But no ginger. I would have loved a hot ale.

  4. Ah man, I’m just shaking off a cold I’ve had for over a month; I echo your pain. Hope you get better really quickly.

    Well, it wasn’t as quickly as I wanted. But I’m okay now. Thanks, Chris.

  5. I have two suggestions:

    1.) I tell ya, I know when your feelin’ a little down in the dumps, there’s only one thing that’s gonna get you up…

    2.)I think you got a little rock n roll phnumonia, better call on “DR. LOVE!”

    Don’t ya know you’ll be in misery…

    I’ve always wondered why Gene would agree to sing a song about getting hammered! But then again, it’s Gene! Nevermind. 🙂

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