Anybody seen Rambo yet?

yo adrian, check me out!I’ve been debating whether or not to fork out a whopping five bucks for a matinee this weekend. I need to get some air. I’ve been sick for too long and the funk just won’t let go that easy.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Rambo series and was wondering if this installment was just as worthy a bother as the previous ones. So, if anybody got their two cents to toss, please do.

Thanks in advance. And I’ll be back soon… with a more meaningful post, hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Anybody seen Rambo yet?

  1. My brother saw it. He’s a huge Stallone fan (because of the Rocky movies), so he may be a little biased. But he loved it. He said it was very, very violent. But he still loved it. I’m wary because of the violence. But I’m a girl, so…

    One positive comment from a biased person is good enough for me. I’m checking it out today! Thanks.

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