Reload already!

Normally, I don’t enjoy ranting about technology. But when my patience gets affected in any way, I know it’s time to let off the steam a bit.

Okay. Reloading the browser. This technology is soooo last week! And, that’s my beef.

When you’re on a website that updates content by the minute, or second in fact, it gets annoying when you have to hit the reload button just to see what’s new. Imagine doing it when on a chat or IM…

Hmm, I wonder if I got a response yet. After all, it’s been, what… 2 seconds already! (hits reload button)

Maybe it’s just me, but I get lazy when I know I’ve already been pampered to death for years by AJAX-driven sites like, Netvibes, or the Google apps (Reader, Gmail, Gtalk, Notebook, etc.). So, why should I have to regularly hit a button on, say, Twitter, just to get the latest updates. Sites like this generate updates faster than you could switch tabs back and forth on your browser.

Also, I shouldn’t have to ask an email client whether or not I have new mail at the moment. Just let me know when friggin’ mail arrives, dagnabit! Fart, or something! I don’t know! Sheesh! How hard could it be? Can’t I just leave the window open all day and have it ring me up whenever something new arrives? Yeah, instead of having to visit every one of them every other minute… because I’m worried I might’ve missed something… already. After all, in this day and age (or at least, in Web 2.0 standards), a 10 minute-old news is called Archive! He! Care to view the microfiche?

K, I’m done.

2 thoughts on “Reload already!

  1. Dude – I’m exactly like you. Why, in this day in age, does anyone produce a tool or service that is not INCREDIBLY efficient? For those of us outside of the Matrix, it’s frustrating. I would classify both of us as ‘next-next-finish’ folks (using the click-through analogy of installation applications). Happy clicking!

    If I was a programmer, I would revolutionize the way applications are designed. I would make civility the foundation of their architecture. Unfortunately, I’m just too much of an artist to do geek work.

  2. I agree completely. I don’t have the time to be bothering with that all day. What is this civility in programming you speak of?

    It’s hard to explain. After all, it doesn’t exist yet. But I guess, what I mean is that technology is suppose to help improve one’s life. Now, I wanted to think that I can attempt to take it even further… like build technology with ability to be polite, courteous, accommodating, sympathetic and sacrificial. HAL with feelings, if you will.

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