It’s ME time once again

My friend Selma did hers and now, it’s my turn. This is always fun for me… and a good excuse to post something when the mind is temporarily blank.


What were you doing ten years ago today?
I had to look this one up to be sure. It may not be exactly today but the weekend at the end of May 1998 was Memorial Day weekend and I was camping with friends somewhere in Northern California. My WordPress avatar, as a matter of fact, was from a picture taken at that same time.

5 things on today’s ‘to do’ list…
I just came back from a week-long business trip, so I would have to say… nothing, nothing, post this blog, watch TV and nothing.

5 Things I’d Do If I Was A Billionaire…
Let’s just say I have exactly one billion dollars in cash. Here’s how I would manage it:

First day, I’d take half a million with me and shop for musical gear to my heart’s content. Second day, I’d buy a small house with a nice size basement and have all the gear delivered straight to the basement. Third day, I’d go to the bank and split the rest of the money into two accounts. About fifty million in my savings (that should be overly plenty). The rest will be used for family, friends, charities and all future Santa Claus adventures.

Fourth day, I’d better get back to work already. I love what I do too much, I can’t afford to get fired!

5 bad habits…
Not only is this one bad, but weird to the max, as well – I don’t like being on the telephone. Hence, I do not call anyone unless it’s a life and death situation. And when you call me, either I talk to you for a few seconds or just call you back later. If you leave an entertaining message, that is.

That alone is worth 5 five bad habits, I believe. If not more.

5 places I’ve lived…
Manila, Philippines
San Francisco, CA metro
Los Angeles, CA metro
Atlanta, GA metro
Cheyenne, WY

5 jobs I’ve had…
Besides gigging as a musician?

Architectural draftsman
Construction help
Web designer/developer
Graphic/Multimedia designer


So, that’s it! Go ahead and do yours, if you want. But I’d like to tag Mike, specifically, for this one. You can never know enough about someone. Not even your best friend, in fact.

2 thoughts on “It’s ME time once again

  1. I am a bit like you when it comes to the phone. I hate it. I’d never answer it again if I had my way. So nice to learn more about you.

    I’m not proud of it, though. I’ve alienated friends by not making them feel thought of, even when it’s not at all true. However, I love to hang out in person. I’ll do it until you’re sick of me.

  2. Ok – I’ve answered the questions too…
    And I can support your statement that you would continue working if you were a billionare… I know you would do that…

    Cool, man… I’ll check it out right now.

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