Owe no!

Oh yeah!

I am debt-free, at last. Today, actually. That’s a year and a half ahead of schedule. So, am I disciplined or what? Well, I paid off every single penny I owed during the last five or so years, and I am feeling so good, right now. But more importantly, I’m also determined not to put myself in that situation, ever again. And that’s a firm promise.

Goodbye slavery. Hello freedom!

Now, time for a beer!

5 thoughts on “Owe no!

  1. Always therapeutic to read an affirmation so incongruous to the rest of our society. Congratulations. Can I interest you in a sweet car lease?

    Thanks, but I already own a car. This one should last me another ten years, at least.

  2. Congratulations, man! I know this is something that you’ve been shooting at for a long time… we are right behind you… hoping to achieve this extremely important milestone in our life in the next 2 years…

    Thanks, man. Perseverance paid off my debt, for sure.

  3. That is fantastic. Good on you. You have obviously worked really hard to get to this point. I am really pleased for you!

    Thanks. And yes, it was a torturous five years but focus and determination made the pain quite tolerable during that long ride.

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