Thank you

thank you

Thank you for my yummy dinner tonight
I really like the kind Josh’s mom gets
Thank you for this nice big house, as well
It’s more comfy than the cold floor I’m used to
Although I miss hanging out with my old mates
I think of them every now and then
And I pray that they would find a home as well
Or that a home would find them soon

Thank you for that comfy little doggie house
even when I sleep on Josh’s bed lots of times
Thank you that he doesn’t get mad when I do it
I just really want to be close to him
Besides I like to watch over him while he sleeps
Because he watches over me during the day
And he forgives me when I poop on the carpet
Even when his mom doesn’t

Thank you that I am a dog
I don’t have to work and pay the bills
All I do is run around, eat, sleep and poop
And I still get treats and lots of love
Thank you that I can’t possibly hold grudges
They look too heavy for me to carry anyway
Thank you that a sad face is all I have to show
And everything will be alright


Oh, and P.S.
I pray that Josh here will be done soon
’cause I really really need to go now

Amen again

Dedicated to Miss Molly

6 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Well, I hope Miss Molly is still with us. My son, of course, loved this shot. What is it with boys and poops? Fab prayer.

    I hope so, too, honestly. I haven’t been able to get over my guilt since I took her back to the shelter.

  2. i saw that picture some time ago,, but it really came to life here!!!!!

    Yeah. I wish it was Molly, though. I can probably make her pose like this, too.

  3. I would have really appreciated that you warn me about the Miss Molly pic link, yeah, that’s just not a shot I wanted to see on a Saturday afternoon…

    but the poem’s sweet

    Oh, sorry. 🙂

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