Dog & Butterfly

dnbOne of my all-time favorite songs came out of the mid 70’s. A tune by Heart called Dog & Butterfly. I’m amazed that it is not as popular as some of their other songs. But at the same time, I’m really not. It’s not as much a rocker as say, Barracuda or Magic Man.

This song is special, however, because it is deep and poetic and whimsical not only in its lyrical content but also in the feel of the music itself. When you listen to it, it feels like you’re in a garden of flowers and fountains and sunshine.

Dog & Butterfly is one of the few songs you hear today that doesn’t sound dated. Especially, if you’re hearing it for the first time ever. Ann’s voice is so mesmerizing. And Nancy singing in the background sounds like a butterfly trailing all around. Just like the album artwork.

This type of approach to music was lost in the 80’s but was kind of revived in the 90’s. It is simple, basic and poignant. A beautiful and timeless classic, I think.

One thought on “Dog & Butterfly

  1. I cannot believe you like ‘Dog & Butterfly.’ One of my fave songs and albums ever. Ann Wilson is still the best female rock singer in the world, IMO. Wow. You have blown me away with this.

    I agree about Ann. She definitely is one of the best singers in pop music, period. Even right up there with Aretha, IMO.

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