Guess who’s back?

Wow! It was almost six years ago since my last post. And you probably thought I was gone for good. I did, too, actually. For awhile, things have changed. I got busy. Distracted. Unmotivated. Whatever.

But keeping a journal of my life has always been therapeutic to me and so I figured, why not. I’ll get back to it, even if I can’t promise to do it regularly, at least I know I have some place to retreat and express myself whenever I feel the need.

For now, let me just recap some of the things that’s happened in the last six years. Let’s see… I bought a house; I made new friends, I got a dog; I built a recording studio in my basement and made new music; I traveled to the Philippines (and another trip is on the calendar for the holidays); My family have visited me twice; I’ve made trips all over Wyoming and Colorado; I’ve also been to California, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Chigago, Florida, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi; and have visited national parks such as the EvergladesRMNP, Devils Tower, Grand Teton and Yellowstone; I’ve been to concerts (King’s X, Aerosmith, Rush, KISS); I became a U.S. citizen; and most importantly, I got married! Yes!


So, life’s been very good! Sure, it’s never an easy climb but I have no complains. You get what you put in. And sometimes you’re lucky you get more than you deserve. Definitely lots to be grateful for.

I’ll be back soon. Until then… hang tight and be good to each other.

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