Dark in the Light

My wife wasn’t too thrilled that I flipped the channel to the presidential debates the other night. She thinks it’s deplorable and grim. Maybe so, but what can I tell ya… I’m a sucker for dark themes.


I like watching real life events. Warts and all. I like documentaries and current events, even when at times they seem bleak. But they are real. They happen. It’s the truth. Albeit, the ugly truth.

Some may wonder why I put myself through it. I’m afraid there is no adequate answer. The best I could muster is that it makes me see more of who I am, where I am and the fascination of knowing I am nowhere near that side of life. Also, as odd as it may seem, it helps me to draw some compassion on the frail condition of humanity. The helplessness of us all left to our own devices. This takes me on a spiritual journey. It truly does. And I feel like the dark in the light, so to speak.

Going back to the presidential debate. My take on it? Let’s just say my wife was right.

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