Lady Day sings the blues

billieGot my headphones on today. I set the player to shuffle and one song came up that took me back in time.

God Bless The Child. Yep, the Billie Holiday staple I used to jam live at coffee houses and other small venues in L.A. with friends and fellow musicians. What a sultry song. So elegant, yet bluesy enough to recreate and still make it sound new and relevant.

In fact, it’s been covered, re-invented and re-hashed, it’s available in so many different flavors today. I’ve heard a few that got my attention, including a mind-blowing one from Mishka Adams. But after all these years, I would have to say my top pick is still the unbeatable, powerful, show-stopping version from the one, the only, the saxy… Miss Lisa Simpson.

4 thoughts on “Lady Day sings the blues

  1. It is a gorgeous song. My favourite version of all time is by Lou Rawls with Les McCann on piano. It is stunning. I am going to be loving this blog. I do love talking about music.

    I’ve never heard that version. But I’ll hunt it down.

  2. ooooh, a new blog! I like it. There aren’t that many music blogs around, at least none that I thought had my interest, I did once had a music blog, mostly about Asian music but at last I could not get that domain back

    Interesting selections you have here, never did quite got into jazz but the Lisa Simpson interpretation’s an interesting take

    My taste varies widely. For the most part though, I like rock. What do you listen to, Lissa? You know I’m Filipino, right?

  3. about the title, at first I thought it was “music music I heart music”, no idea where that came from

    and I might add, the pic of you in the welcome page, an interesting choice, I have no idea what that gesture is suppose to me, were you dancing in that shot?

    I Heart Music! Now I’m banging my head on the wall. I should’ve used that one instead, but too late. Oh well…

    That picture was taken 3 or 4 years ago when I still had long hair. It was from a band photo shoot that was supposed to be used for publicity or something. And the gesture, you asked? I don’t know! Yeah, I may have been dancing, alright… as I do a lot of dancing. Unintentionally! 😀

  4. Since you ask…I listen to mostly pop music though I think it has all sort of meanings to that word now but I’ve been listening to The Perisher’s “Victories” album and just got Joanna Wang’s “Start from here”, both in English but I also listen to Cantonese, Mandarin and occasional Japanese music. I am Chinese.

    I have a fondness for musicians who writes their own material. And movie soundtracks as well – I recommend “The Legend of 1900″and the Japanese movie soundtrack to “Love Letters” are two of my favorites – both are also my favorite movie. But I have a very long list of artist that I like so but I won’t list them here.

    It’s not too late to change the name, I don’t know if anyone’s using that title and yours it is a new site…anyway, it is up to you

    Thanks for sharing, Lissa. I think I’ll stick with this title, for now. It is actually a line from a song by a favorite rock group of mine. Besides, I just checked and “I Heart Music” is already taken. 🙂

    Oh, and that movie, it looks really good.

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