Back from the road trip

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I sure did, as these photos will testify. There were so many friends and family but not enough time. Oh well, there’s always next time. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy some of what my eyes have witnessed along the way. If anything, I really enjoyed being a shutterbug for two weeks straight! Click the pictures to see more.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Arizona/New Mexico Stateline

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

4 thoughts on “Back from the road trip

  1. These are just fantastic. You are an excellent photographer. Truly a man of many talents. Your photos are exactly how I would imagine an American road trip to be. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. looks like those places are warm and hot – I think I would like to be in one of those places right now – it’s too cold in New York!

    1. Ha! You wish! It was below freezing down in New Mexico. It was right about the same time you guys were being pummeled by that snow storm. Anyhow, happy new year to you!

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